One essential aspect of a modern office tower is the efficient, open plan that is found on each level. An office building which attempts sculptural exuberance risks undermining this tried and true logic. However, a simple extruded rectangular box lacks the iconic presence corporations seek as well as the spatial interest that occupants appreciate. 

Our towers employ an economical formal idea, avoiding sculptural excess by deploying a hot and cool approach. A neutral skin and efficient floor plans are intensified by spatial incidents deep within the building.

Location: Dongsheng District, Ordos, China

Client: Dongsheng Distrcit of Ordos Urban Planning Bureau

Size: 21,500 sq. m.

Schedule: Design 2007-2008

Program: Office building complex

Team: Preston Scott Cohen (design); Amit Nemlich (project architect); Matthew Allen, Michelle Chang, Collin Gardner, Lee-Su Huang (project assistants, development and presentation) Michelle Chang, Lee-Su Huang (model)