The Keystone Performance Center is the centerpiece of the new Beijing International School. The usually symmetrical flytower shifts away from the center of the building, pulling the roof with it.

The vacated space on one side is filled with classrooms and music practice spaces. The 800-seat theater is optimized for views from all parts, creating an impressive yet intimate performance space. 

The triple-height lobby terminates in a large, winding staircase that connects all four levels. A large amphitheater shell splits away from the rear of the building, providing a casual space for student performance and interaction.

Location: Beijing, China

Client: Beijing International School

Size: 8,200 sq. m.

Schedule: Design, 2011-2012; Construction 2013-2014

Team: Preston Scott Cohen (Design); Carl D'Apolito D'workin, Collin Gardner, Ashley Merchant, Matt Storus (development and presentation)

Program: Music school with 800 seat theater and exterior amphitheater